Monday, October 3, 2011

South Seas Island Resort Wedding - Jason and Marie

On Friday September 30, 2011 Jason and Marie were wed on Sunset Cove at the beautiful South Seas Island Resort. This is such a spectacular location, below are a few pictures so you can see what an awesome spot it is.  The water is blue as can be, and there is always an ocean breeze to enjoy.  After the ceremony, guests took a trolly to Kings Crown Ballroom for cocktail hour and their reception.  We were joined by Krista and Emily from Impressions Photography who you can see in one of the pictures below taking a quick picture of our bride and groom.  DJ Ron Rutz was on hand, as well as John from South Seas making sure that everything was perfect for our newlyweds.  The last picture is of Steven doing his thing.  Congratulations to Jason and Marie.  Coming soon....Their Movie Trailer :)

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