Sunday, July 3, 2011

Martha's Wedding - A Sweet Tea Bar and.....

I  JUST LOVE  SWEET TEA!  We were lucky enough to be at Martha's wedding where Wedding Planner Kelly McWilliams had this amazing sweet tea bar set up.  Some of you might remember Kelly's bride Martha, the bride from Alabama who was a victim of that terrible tornado tragedy.  Her wedding day had finally arrived.  We were at this wedding shooting from a completely different perspective.  We are shooting a project for Kelly - more to follow on that in the future.  So, back to the Sweet Tea. What an awesome idea, complete with mason jars to drink out of and custom made straws with Martha and Toms initials on it for this southern bride!  Why didn't I think of that?  Well, maybe because I'm not a wedding planner...  Between that, the candy station,  and the dessert bar set up, yes I was in heaven.  Enjoy a few quick snapshots and then go raid your refrigerator.  

PS  It's even nicer the next day when your wedding planner friend shows up with sweet tea and green mint among other treats for a day by the pool :)  I love my job. 

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