Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fort Myers Wedding - Jaime + Matt

Jaime and Matt were married on Saturday March 24, 2012!  We were so happy to be able to be part of Jaime and Matt's wedding day for many reasons.  One being that we typically are on the beach shooting weddings.  What a nice change of pace it was for us.  Take a look at some pictures below and you will see that it is a bit different then the pictures from the rest of the weddings we shoot every week.   How often does one get to see a bride holding a chicken?  The other BIG reason is because Jaime has been friends with Steven for a very long time.  It was so nice to be part of her wedding day.  

We were happy to be working along side with Stacy and Brandon from Set Free Photography.  I am looking forward to seeing their fabulous photos.  And seeing Mike again from Black Tie Entertainment was a pleasure.  

Important Details from this wedding:  The gazebo that the bride and groom ate under was built by Jaime's brother Jason.  He widdled it out of beach wood....Just kidding :) It is going to be something the bride and groom will cherish forever. 

Jaime arrived to the ceremony site in a Model T from Model T Chauffeur Services.  What a way to make an entrance.  They also exited in the Model T at the end of the evening after walking through a path of sparklers held by their family and friends.  Love it.   

Jaime and her bridal party posed holding chickens.  This is something I don't see very often.  Which may be a good thing, considering my phobia of anything with feathers.  But, it certainly did make for great photo/video opportunities :)

The famous guitarist - soloist Douglas Parker (Trey to his friends) strung his guitar and sang a sweet song as the bride came down the aisle to her groom who awaited her.  It was a treat. 

Best of luck to our newest married couple.  Happy Savannah honeymooning to both of you.  I LOVE Savannah.  

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