Friday, May 4, 2012

Fiddler's Creek Members Party

Fiddlers Creek really knows how to throw a party!  Fiddler's Creek has a few party's a year for it's residents.  The theme of this party was Leaving On A Jet Plane.  Fitting because the residents, mostly snow birds, are heading north for the summer.  And they are leaving in style.

The food was simply amazing, the decor was very well done, and the entertainment was provided by  Clint Wiley's band None Other.  Between the airplanes hanging, the dancing flight attendants, and the spectacular firework display, we were awed.  Wait until you see the desert room!

Here is our video - check out the level of detail that Fiddler's Creek provides for it's residents.   The first part of the video you will see the great details.  The second part you will see the party in full swing with  None Other performing the song, I Just Want To Fly.   Are you ready to move to Fiddler's Creek?  We are !

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